Property Types in Portugal

What Types of Property Are Available for Purchase in Portugal?

Portugal is becoming more and more popular for UK residents seeking to migrate abroad. There are many reasons why the country has seen an increase in popularity, some of those relate to the country’s landscape and temperature and others are down to the attractive tax packages available.

There are a wide range of properties currently available in Portugal, some of which are more suited to being holiday homes and others are the ideal setting for retirees.

In this article, we are going to give you a rundown regarding the types of property available in Portugal.


When it comes to buying property overseas many see owning a villa as the pinnacle.

Villas are typically spacious properties that make perfect family homes or family holiday homes.

Portugal has no shortage of villas available, with plenty currently up for sale around the country.

Whether you are looking for 'traditional or contemporary', 'basic or luxury' there are a variety of different types of villas available in a range of prices across Portugal with something to suit everyone’s preference and budget.


Apartments are a popular choice in Portugal for buyers. Whether you choose to live in your apartment permanently or for selected months of the year, there are some brilliant apartment complexes available. These are ideal if you want a 'Lock & Leave' property, there is no outdoor maintenance as this is covered in your monthly condominium fee.

Complexes with communal features such as pools and garden areas are available and if you are interested in buying to let, there is a very active market for renting apartments in Portugal.


Townhouses are an alternative to the typical villas and apartments found in Portugal. Townhouses offer a similar amount of internal space to villas but do not have the wide open external space of a garden.

If you still want the luxury of swimming pools and terraces etc. then you can search for a town house with communal facilities.

These types of property are still great if you want to use the property seasonally and if you are buying to let, there is a huge market for renting out townhouses.

Resort Properties

Resort properties are also a viable option; you can find them as part of golfing or leisure complexes across Portugal. Even if you are not the most avid golfer, they can still be a great choice for investment.

Investing in a resort complex is always a sound investment option after all, Portugal is the golfing capital of Europe.

Development Opportunities in Portugal

There is an abundance of development opportunities in Portugal available for investors. If you are willing to develop the property yourself, land in Portugal can be bought at a reasonable price.

There are many trustworthy development companies in Portugal that are ready to help you build your dream home and Buy Portugal can help you acquire the land you need to build on.

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