Buying Property in Portugal

Some of The Areas to Buy Property in Portugal and Why?

When it comes to buying property in Portugal, one thing is for sure, buyers have a wide choice of locations and properties to choose from.

Whether buyers seek city living or the quieter countryside of Portugal, there is a property to suit everyone's tastes and needs.

To help you with buying property in Portugal, the team at Buy Portugal have put together this short and informative article regarding 'some of the areas to buy property in Portugal and why'.

City Living in Lisbon

Any list about buying property in Portugal would not be complete without the country's capital Lisbon included.

Lisbon offers visitors a unique blend of modern city living and traditional Portugal, as the city is still steeped in history and traditional architecture.

You will find a combination of the restaurants and attractions you expect from a city alongside museums and culture hotspots.

The types of property available in Lisbon vary. Townhouses, apartments and villas are the most widely available all of which offer owners their own little corner of the city.

You can be as close or as far from the city centre as you like, however property prices do tend to increase the closer you get to centre.

Surfing and Excitement on The Silver Coast  

If you are considering buying property in Portugal and you enjoy surfing, then top of your list of destinations has to be the Silver Coast.

The abundance of beaches means that you will never be short of a place to catch some waves.

Baleal Beach is a little known secret in Portugal that die hard surfing fans often refer to as the 'perfect spot' for surfing.

The beach offers some of the most consistent waves in Portugal and is in close enough proximity to a few local bars and places to eat, that you will not need to travel far for something to eat and drink.

Being on the coast line, the types of property you can expect to find on the Silver Coast consist of mainly villas, houses and some apartments.

There is a variety of traditional houses and contemporary builds available on the Silver Coast.

Culture and Food in Porto

Porto has leant its name to both the Country and the type of wine it is famed for producing. Porto stands as Portugal's second largest city by population and is known as a hub of culture, great wine, traditional Portuguese cuisine and much more.

Contemporary and antique architecture meet in Porto to form an eclectic mix of buildings and properties.

If you are considering buying property in Portugal and you want to experience Portugal in its most authentic form, there is no better place than Porto.

The types of property available in Porto vary. Apartments, townhouses, villas and flats are commonplace throughout the city and can be found in a range of prices.

Golfing in The Algarve

The Algarve is possibly the most popular destination in Portugal for holiday makers and new settlers alike. The destination is broken up into the Western, Central and Eastern Algarve, all of which have their own appealing qualities and attractions.

The Algarve has remained popular for years for many different reasons, but the attraction that we want to discuss is the quality of Golf it offers.

The Algarve is home to courses such as the world renowned San Lorenzo course, the legendary Penina Hotel and Golf Resort and the challenging Dom Pedro Victoria (home of the Portugal Masters).

The Algarve offers possibly the most diverse range of properties in Portugal, with villas, apartments, Bungalows and everything in between available.

Many More Brilliant Destinations for Buying Property in Portugal  

There is no doubt that there are several other great destinations for buying property in Portugal.

The team at Buy Portugal have been helping buyers find properties and settle in Portugal for over 12 years now and can help you too. Contact us on UK telephone 01925 414422

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